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As this being my favorite breed, hopefully one can perceive that maybe my description of this magnificent creature may seem a little passionate. Originating in England, the Yorkshire Terrier is recognized for its long, silken coat. Their hair does not shed and is also very easy to maintain. Being terriers, they are very intelligent although they can sometimes be a tiny bit pretentious. I am frequently surprised by how inquisitive and adventurous they are for their size. Affectionate, sensitive, and most happy to please those whom surround them. Always lively, sometimes a little over insistent or a little vain, yet loyal and very similar to people in their nature. My treasure, the Yorkie, an animated gem.


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English Champion "Verolian Puccini"

I call "Butch" the object of my greatest dreams. This English Champion has joined our kennel fulfilling a lifelong wish. Possessing a cute face, compact body, and an impeccable walking posture, this dog is truly a treasure. Butch's heirs are destined to compete in many shows.
1-2 Matsukaze
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
662-0073 JAPAN

INT & JKC Champion "Chip"
No. 1 Ranking 2000 Male Group Yorkies

Born and raised in our kennel, he is always in high spirits wherever he goes. I sometimes get the feeling that he thinks he is the prettiest Yorkshire in the world. Displaying a beautiful dark coat, he is the embodiment of our kennel and is becoming increasingly active in dog shows.
American Champion "Rusty"

This dog's personality is very cheerful and displays a unique right angle tail. With its long neck and short body, it is the small face which characterizes its cuteness. Most Yorkies breeders emphasis is on the silky coat but this dog will change the paradigm of traditionalism.
JKC Champion "Wonder Boy"

At last! This dog reflects my personal ideals since I became a breeder. With the attributes of a compact physique, beautiful coat and a cute face, this is a definitive champion.
JKC Champion "Pit"
By knowing Immortal Hero Jp Chip Choice, then you will know Pit. A valued offspring of the Kennel Champion, one can immediately identify with this fine animal. A little arrogant yet its large eyes make it charming.
JKC Champion "Micky"

From England through breeder Verolian, this Yorkie possesses a cheerful personality and a dark coat that is identical to the father, Star. Framed by a doll-like face and is also very adaptable to its surroundings.
JKC Champion "Smash"

This Yorkie parentage hails from mother Chip and father English breed Star. The highest ranking champion in my kennel characterized by a beautiful back and a happy attitude.

English Champion "Porsche"

Upon viewing this animal, one may not think that I am a breeder of champion Yorkies. Being part black, the fur captures and reflects light adding to the beauty of this dog. Seeing is truly believing this opposite side to how this animal can be bred. This dog is now our adopted child and sleeps with us every night, possessing excellent bathroom manners. As a former English showdog, now is a home pet. A fine personality who follows me everywhere this dog is now our mascot rather than its true calling as an English Champion.
JKC Champion "Pollen"

When this dog moves is appears to glide across the floor. With perfect shoulder height, short stature, and ideal tail structure. Another offspring of Chip, Pollen carries the traits of its champion parent.
JKC Champion "Gang"

This dog's mother is the same as Chips with the father being an American Champion Rusty. It's possesses the best character for show with beautiful structure.

The type of yorkie puppies listed above are available.
Our kennel is like living toy box full of adorable puppies.

Owner: Kazuko Matsumoto

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