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West Highland White Terrier

Origin: Great Britain. Pure white only.
The pure white coat of this breed is hard, like a brush and attracts very little grime. Any dirt that is attracted can be just brushed away, a magical coat!
Although these dogs only weigh in at about 7kgs, their style of motion mimics that of large dogs. They have a bright personality and are very friendly towards people. Intelligent, stout and durable, they can be relied on to hold the fort.
Just like a child, they are mischievous as puppies, which can sometimes cause a little chagrin. Calm and composed once an adult, they are great friend to have in the home.
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JKC Champion "Sarmac James"

A dream arrival from the Sarmac Kennel With an extremely calm disposition and a hard pure white coat. Hats off to Sarmac
1-2 Matsukaze
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
662-0073 JAPAN

INT & JKC Champion "Warmingham Mr Byrite"

A direct descendant of the British Champion "Ashgate Sinclair" He has a splendid physique, a beautiful face and a comical personality.
Scotch Terrier
Origin: Great Britain.
Weighing in at about 10kgs. This breed comes in a number of colours; whitton, brindle, black, we are rearing black Scotch Terriers.
A much calmer breed than the West Highland Terrier, they can sometimes seem a little cold and indifferent.
JKC Champion "Scarista Broadway Bill"

A direct descendant of the British Champion "Dunmhor Rebel Rouser" and progeny of "Scarista" I am confident in saying that I have never seen a dog of such quality, although he can sometime be a little naive.

Owner: Moritoshi Uchida.

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